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See how Insight will improve your business and your cashflow!

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See Your Sales

Keep track of every penny that comes into your business

Insight was designed by a gym owner who wanted to be able to focus on running his business without having to be a CPA. You know that your finances are the most important thing when it comes to the health of your business but you don’t want to spend a lot of time crunching numbers. Insight puts everything you need to know about the health and finances of your business front and center.

The first thing that you see when you log into Insight every day are the sales you’ve made for that day right down to the penny (including recurring membership dues). As the day progresses and you make more sales, add members, cancel members, and collect back dues all of those sales will be tallied for you on your daily sales screen. You’re merely a click away from seeing a full transaction history for any sale made. You can also navigate backward in time with the click of a mouse to see how you did yesterday, last week, last month, or 10 years ago.

Employee Commissions

Fully configure and automate your commmissions

One of the most tedious and time consuming things that you spend your time doing as a club owner is calculating commissions for your sales staff. We’ve taken the headache out of the commission payout process. We have a fully configurable commission system within the application. Each and every sale is subject to the commission you’ve configured. When it comes time for payroll, simply debit the employee’s commission sheet and cut the check!

Everything in the Insight commission system is fully configurable. You can choose from percentage (of sale), flat fee, percentage and flat fee, or any number of custom commission modules we’ve already created. It can accommodate any type of commission or payout structure! If you have an unusual compensation structure, we will work with you to create a custom module for your business for your unique payroll rules.

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Personal Training

Track each and every personal training session sold

Depending on the type of fitness business you’re running, personal training and coaching will either be a significant part of your business or even the whole business! Because training and coaching are so important in our industry it’s also a big part of Insight. Insight has the ability to track each and every personal training session sold.

In addition to just tracking which sessions are sold and optionally granting a commission for those sales, Insight also tracks sessions serviced. The total number of personal training sessions serviced will show up in your daily dashboard along with the number of sessions sold and the number of sessions outstanding. Each time a trainer completes a session with one of their clients they can automatically be given a commission for that session.

Metrics & Dashboards

Tell at a glance how your business is doing

Each of your locations will have a comprehensive dashboard. Insight’s two objectives are to 1) track all activity in all your clubs; 2) create sales goals and financial incentives for employees and staff. You have the ability to set monthly sales and service goals for each of your locations. Progress toward those sales goals is shown on every entry page of Insight as well as on all dashboards. Both you and your staff will know exactly where they stand and how well your locations are performing against their goals. You’ll be able to tell at a glance how your businesses are doing with up to the moment data!

It’s nice to know how many personal training sessions you’ve sold and how many personal training sessions have been serviced. It’s even better to know how many personal training sessions have been sold but not yet serviced. This bit of information is extremely important because it is a liability for your business. Unless you’re an accountant and you’re tracking your accounts payable like a hawk, you’ll need to know this information to determine the financial health of your business.

Reporting Features

Automated reports can be generated at any moment

Insight’s reporting feature is a true revolution! Our automated reports can be generated at any moment – whether to check daily production, user productivity, company and location performance, payroll and more. All reports are calculated within the program. You can run a report at any time of the day so you know exactly how your business is doing. The most noteworthy feature of Insight reports is the automated email capabilities. You don’t even have to log in to the program to get updates via email.

Automated Daily Tasks

Track every aspect your members' usage

This feature tracks every aspect of member’s usage and helps ensure your members stay engaged with your business. Insight can identify members who are at risk of canceling their membership and then helps you strategically set up tasks for your staff to take action! Have daily reminders to have your staff personalize your service with wishing members happy birthday, contacting members who haven’t been using your facility regularly, and more!

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