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  • 50
  • 15 day trial
  • 15 day trial
  • 15 day trial

Trainer Trainers and freelancers


  • 100
  • 15 day trial
  • 15 day trial

Studio Or crossfit warehouse


  • 250

Traditional Gym or fitness center


  • 2,000
All prices are per location and per month. Annual pricing is available upon request.
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Consulting Services

When you purchase a consulting package, your account will automatically be upgraded to include unlimited staff member training and phone support.

Consulting Rates

Our Team will get to know our premium account holders business operations inside and out. Have peace of mind in knowing that your health club software operational concerns and complete staff training will be taken care of by others who currently own and operate their own successful health clubs. We are not software sales people. When you call us, you are calling real people running real gyms in the United States. We would love to share our fitness business knowledge with you!

Consultation Hours Pricing
5 per month $349 per month
12 per month $699 per month
20 per month (available outside of business hours) $999 per month

Additional Services

Add-on Rates

For pricing plans that include the check-in software or the Guru sales software those plans are limited to 1 installation of each program per location. If you require additional installations of the software (in a sales area for example) you will be billed an add-on rate per additional install listed below.

Service / Application Cost
Check-in Access Program $49 per installation / month
Basic Data Import $99 one time
Comprehensive Data Import $499 one time

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