Are You A Professional Personal Trainer?

Have you always wanted your own membership based business? Insight has the tools to help you get started and to grow your fitness business! Spend more time doing what you love and less time worrying about your clients paying you. Insight gives you the ability to make personal training more affordable to your clients while still getting paid when you want!

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Industry Experts

Every person who works at Insight has either owned, managed, or worked in a gym.

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Online Class Scheduling

Always keep your clients up to date by putting your class schedule live on your website

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Flexible Billing

We don't sell merchant services. Use your existing merchant provider or payment gateway.

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Build Your Training Business

We have hundreds of personal trainers, class instructors, and bootcamp teachers using Insight to grow their business.

There are two big concerns for existing club owners: learning a new system, and getting your existing members moved over. We handle the first concern by providing extensive support and training. When you become an Insight client we treat you like a partner.

You will have the personal cell phone number of at least one of our team members for around the clock support and assistance. Secondly, we make Insight easy and intuitive to use; you won’t waste time trying to figure out simple tasks with Insight. Finally, we have a growing knowledge base of articles with step-by-step examples of how to perform common tasks and every time we get a question that isn’t already in the knowledge base, we add it so it’s there for the future.

We handle member data transfers with the highest priority. We've performed data transfers from all of the biggest vendors in our industry and we can usually complete your member transfer within 24-hours. Unlike your previous experiences, we don't charge you extra for a data transfer. If the pricing plan you pick includes a setup fee that fee covers all member import services. Finally, if we make any mistakes on your member import, we will redo the import until we get it right.

Follow these simple steps to get Insight for your business


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Review our pricing plans and choose the package that works best for your business. Can't find a package that suits your needs? Contact us and we can tailor a custom pricing plan to fit your requirements.


Install Our Live Class Schedule On Your Website

No matter what platform you're running on our website widget will show your classes in real time on your website without using iframes! That means that there will be a smooth display of your class information on your website without that jarring page within a page feel you get from all of the other vendors.


Schedule A Training Session

We want to learn about your business and how we can help you grow! Once you've selected a premium pricing plan we'll work with you one-on-one to teach you how the most successful instructors in our industry grow their business with Insight.

Additional Information

If you don't already have a merchant account to collect your member's and client's payments with, we can assist you in getting setup with one, or you can use one of our convenient payment gateways until you're ready for a full merchant account.

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