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Try it out below! Choose a membership and see how easy it is for your customers to sign-up electronically.
This is for demo purposes only, it does not require real data. Use any fake information that you wish.
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What makes Sales Guru so useful?

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Fastest way to enter customer information.
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Sales Guru is portable! Make the sale at the ideal moment during the facility tour, not just at the end.
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More customer details captured, as people feel more comfortable entering data electronically.
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Customer feels in control when choosing membership options themselves.
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Customer will feel less pressure as they enter information during a tour or in privacy.
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Provide instant guest passes for those customers who remain undecided.
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Turn walk-outs into leads, as you capture basic contact info during your tour / sales pitch.
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Use Sales Guru's Guest Mode to sign waivers and track member interests.
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Fully customize your logos, backgrounds, and images and choose from numerous themes.
Let us show you what Sales Guru can do for you!
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