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I just want to give some feedback on your services, I feel they should be recognized.

As a new gym we went into this with limited knowledge. We have been helped the whole time by Anthony and he has been AMAZING to us. We can say he has MENTORED us the whole way. Whenever we have a question he's a phone call away and every call he is willing to spend any amount of time to make sure we get everything we need. We attribute a lot of our success to him and the INSIGHT software. It is SO easy to use and keep track of everything we do. We are now confident that with INSIGHT and Anthony we can be so much more successful, for our members and ourselves.

Thank you,
Claudia and Miguel

Claudia Tejeda

The Bar Fitness

Choosing Gym Insight has been the BEST DECISION we’ve made for our gym yet! We researched and did trials with multiple other software companies before deciding on Insight and none came close to being as user friendly yet comprehensive as Insight is. Being able to integrate our 24-hour access door with our automatic billing through Gym Insight has allowed us to drastically reduce unpaid member usage of our club, our insurance paid memberships are up almost $400 a month thanks to the system’s comprehensive reports.

I couldn’t be happier with this software system, it has everything you need without any clutter – straight to the point to keep your member information accurate and more importantly: getting your money without being glued to the front desk. Not to mention Anthony and the Gym Insight team are beyond helpful, I’ve never worked with a company that answers my calls, texts, or emails so promptly and pleasantly.

Can’t say enough good things about the software! Jodi Hubbell Owner, Firehall Fitness Center Livingston, MT


We recently purchased a gym that hadn't been updated since 1977, including the way memberships were tracked (spiral tablet notebook). We knew right away that we had a lot to change in order to keep our doors open. Our first move was to give our members 24hr access and integrate membership/sales tracking software. I personally invested 4 months in researching this endeavor.

We were at our wits end, swimming in a sea of information and still not sure about how or what we needed to make this transition. Everyone that we had spoken with was trying to sell us their products knowing that they wouldn't fit with what we were trying to accomplish. We were frustrated to say the least.

We then called Insight, Anthony was the first person that actually listened to our plans and goals. He did not try to sell us anything. What he did was walk us through the process of bringing our gym into the 21st century.

Anthony, being an ex-gym owner himself, actually understood what we wanted to accomplish. He held my hand step by step in getting the necessary equipment to give our customers 24hr access. We purchased Insight. From the point of purchase until this day, Anthony has taken my calls at any hour and answered my sometimes stupid questions EVERY single time that I have needed him. Anthony went above and beyond, even helped me in the endeavor of getting my gym in touch and set up with a merchant account. Gym Insight and Anthony are any gym owners blessing. We are now able to manage our gym seamlessly even when we cannot be there physically. We at Hancock Fitness & Tanning LLC. Are grateful to have found Gym Insight as well as Anthony. We strongly recommend Insight to any gym owner. If you have any questions about this testimonial, feel free to call Hancock Fitness & Tanning LLC.

Rich Alstad

Gym Insight is a great software with easy and informative user functions. They are always willing to listen and implement ideas on product enhancements whenever possible. Anthony from Gym Insight has been phenomenal in his direction on utilizing the software to its full capability. He also gave us some great ideas on a referral program and value selling to customers rather than just the typical price selling. Definitely would recommend the Gym Insight software and Anthony's knowledge to increase staff efficiency and the overall customer base.

Gym Insight has taken my business to a whole other level! Now I can offer my clients recurring payments so that they don't have to worry about whether or not their payments have been made. My office had been decluttered from all of the paperwork I had to keep track of day in and day out! I know exactly how many clients/members I have with a click of a button! Thanks to Anthony for all of his help getting us set up!

Working in the gym industry for the past 25 years I've used most of the software companies out there and have heard horror stories about some of the others.

I've honestly been amazed by the quality of services that gyminsight.com provides. They have a great all in one software system that was built by gym owners specifically for gym owners. The additional back office services that they provide such as calling members that are past due as well as updating billing information is invaluable to any gym no matter the size.

From the first day dealing with them Anthony was there to guide me and answer any questions that ever came up. I would recommend Gym Insight to any gym owner that wants to streamline their club’s systems, collect more money as well as maintain a quality relationship with members.

As a new gym owner going into the business with little knowledge, Gym Insight and its staff have been amazing. The software's ease of use and functionality are unmatched by competitors. 100% satisfied with the decision to use Gym Insight.

Ryan Stevens

Iron Arms Gym


Just wanted to say we appreciate the help today. The controller is working great and going to install the other one tomorrow. Appreciate your time. Also, Anthony has been been a great help and always answers phone and text messages. I own 3 businesses and I wish I had an employee that helpful and dedicated. Just thought you would wanna know. He's a good asset. Let me know anywhere I can post referrals or positive ratings and I'll take care of it. Great company to work with. Thanks again.

My husband and I own two gyms.

I opened our first location about 10 years ago. During these 10 years I have used for different key tag/billing companies. I have searched for a billing company that and do it all. About a year ago I thought I had found the company, <name removed>. They did all billing and collections and operated with a 24 hour key tag system. However, they also took 6% on each sale and 10% on any collection as well as keeping all of the late fees any member was billed. About six months ago <name removed> began performing questionable business practices. I was switched through several different account managers and often my phone calls were simply never returned. Monthly draft began coming later and later until finally in October 2015 I told them I had had enough and when I did this I did not receive but three fourths of my monthly draft until the 28th of the month when it was supposed to be deposited by the fifth. These are the kinds of unethical business practices that force businesses to close doors. Fortunately before that has happened we discovered Gym Insight and Anthony and Larry! After discovering them I wish I would have found them 10 years ago. Here are five reasons to use Gym Insight for all of your billing and keytag needs;

1). When you need something you can text or call the owners and no matter what time of day with in 30 minutes you will receive a response

2). They have exhibited nothing short of excellent business practices while struggling with <name removed> to retrieve my data.

3). When my husband's gym location began data transfer there were issues from <name removed> information and Anthony worked through the night to fix our billing and make things right with urgency.

4). They have the best rates and they are progressive. They are already working on new software to improve what I would consider the best thing currently out there for 24 hour gyms and billing needs.

5). When I won my bodybuilding pro card in July 2015 in Las Vegas we were in contact with Anthony because he is located out there and he hooked my husband and myself up with VIP passes to the Ghost Bar. If this does not demonstrate amazing customer service then I do not know what would!

The bottom line is they are professional and personable and efficient; Key components to a successful business intern will make your gyms successful

Anthony has been very patient and a very caring person to us! We were used to another system and we needed so much help with Insight and Anthony would always make sure we understood everything. He helped us step by step and gave us the confidence to call him when we needed his help. Thank you so much!!!

Daniel Alvarado


Gym Insight is a really good hosted software solution for gyms and fitness facilities. Its customized nicely for fitness club needs and very easy to set up.

Cameron Rogers

Move Fitness

Hi Larry,

I just wanted to thank you and Anthony for all of the help you two have given myself and my company with your gym software. Anthony has been the biggest help every time we have needed it, as well as gone above and beyond what I was expecting to make sure we are fully functional in all aspects of our gym management. I am extremely glad we chose to go with your company and software and am looking forward to working more together in the future.

Dustin Thompson

No Bull Fitness

I'm Blake with Focus Fitness in Russellville, AR, and I just wanted to give my testimonial/review of Gym Insight. Great software! So much better in many ways over the system we used to use. We're so happy we made the switch. And Anthony has provided top-notch customer service. He's very friendly, extremely reachable, and always willing to help above and beyond his job description.

Thanks Gym Insight!

Blake Moorer

Focus Fitness

We just wanted to send over an e-mail letting you know how amazing Anthony has been through this entire stressful process. He has saved us from a lot of headaches and prepared us for the obstacles that we never saw coming when opening a business. His communication of how the software runs has been extremely clear and very easy to understand. No matter the time of day, even though we are in different coast and in different time zones, he was always available to take our NUMEROUS phones calls. Not only has helped us with the software, but his experience and knowledge of the industry has been of great value to us. Due to Anthony's customer service we will absolutely promote and recommend the software.

Balance Sports Club LLC

Jeffrey Wolckenhauer

Balance Sports Club

I am writing to thank you and Anthony for helping me transition Diesel Gym from Twin Oaks Software to Gym Insight. The transition has been not only smooth but lucrative. Anthony's knowledge of the gym business and credit card processing allowed us to free up a lot of unnecessary expenses. The system has been working flawlessly and was an easy learn for the employees. Our old system was antiquated and scattered. Gym Insight has everything in one place and being able to access it remotely is a huge plus. This system not only forces you to look at your business, but succeed.

On another note, I cannot say enough about Anthony. He was invaluable during the transition and still continues to provide support. Anthony saved us a ton of headaches during the switch and even saved us from grossly over-billing a member due to a typo on one occasion, months later. Anthony is a great representation of your business, his on-call support is an added bonus to Gym Insight.

Thank you again from me and the rest of Diesel Gym.

Derek Miller

Derek Miller

Diesel Gym

After more than quarter of a century in the fitness industry, running fitness clubs on 4 different continents of all sizes and types. I have seen many system platforms that are sold with the intention of managing your club smarter, easier and with greater financial control and advantage to you. Gym Insight is by far the best system on the market and not only allows me to be more than competitive in the industry, it is the number 1 factor in my decision to begin developing clubs again. A true breath of fresh air for our industry.

Stephen Paylor

Express Fitness

I just wanted to say thank you for the hard work you guys have been putting in with all the software and website updates. Since day one, you guys have heard about my needs to make my gym run smoothly and have made my job easier with all the new features and reporting. I look forward to continuing with our relationship! Please look me up if you guys are ever in the TN (Chattanooga) area.

I want to thank you and Anthony for all the help y'all have been to us here at Core 24 Gym. It was a little rough start transitioning everything over but, it has helped streamline our business in a major way. The location performance tab is a huge benefit for seeing where the gym currently is and where it needs to be. It was such a pain doing all of these numbers by hand but, now it makes it so much easier and not to mention saves me a lot of time. Anthony has also been a really big help when I have questions and has good insight/advice on the gym business. I always enjoy talking with him. I am excited for the updates and growth of Gym Insight and hope to be with y'all for the long run.

Kory Keefer

Core 24

Just want to start out by saying Anthony is awesome! He answers my questions, and gives me ideas which get me more members! Also, Gym Insight has made sign ups easy & my job less complicated. You don't know how many members have told me this.

Tiffany Mahon

Source Fitness

I recently purchased a Gym Insight software package and I wanted to take the time to let you know what I thought. So far I am happy with the product. With help from your sales associate Anthony, I have setup the software and transferred all of my clients to your "auto pilot" program. Although your product speaks for itself, Anthony has made the transition seamless. Not only has he walked me through the software setup, he has answered or promptly returned all of my calls (within 3 minutes). Anthony has demonstrated the capabilities of Gym Insight though WebEx on three different occasions since my purchase and these demos have saved a tremendous amount of time of my end. Additionally, I know that Anthony is a salesman (so to speak). However, I never got the impression that he wanted to sell anything. He has only exhibited a desire to help my business grow and succeed. This is a quality not often found in the sales community.

Your software is innovative and simple to use. Moreover, your customer service staff speaks volumes about your product and your commitment to your costumers. I have no doubt that your program coupled with professional resources on your staff such as Anthony; my business is on the fast track to success. I look forward to growing with the Gym Insight team and making lots of money in the process.

This company goes above and beyond the standard customer service. The check in system is easy to use and literally makes my job 10x easier.They actually listen, I'm always excited coming in to the office to see they've added a new features to make my job even easier. We've tried other companies and NOTHING compares to Insight's easy to use design and INCREDIBLE customer support! HUGE Thank you to Anthony for putting up with me and my silly questions! He's the greatest!

Ciara Pickhardt

Rebel Fitness

Christopher Maynard Knight
I love you guys! The customer service is incredible. More than that, you guys are great mentors and I'm glad I stumbled across your software. You guys definitely take the relationship up a notch and I always enjoy talking to you guys. The software is affordable. The layout is A+. Check-in is flawless, reports let me know what's going on and things I need to watch or improve on. Fully customizable with EFT and annual fees. I am absolutely impressed with not only the software, but the entire Gym Insight team!

Christopher Maynard Knight

Ample Adventures

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