Professional Presentation

The sales process is now made effortless and seamless. By seemingly eliminating the negotiating process, this presentation saves you time and bypasses member frustration by making them feel like they are in control.

Contract Entry

With a swipe of the member’s credit card, all information is uploaded onto the member contract. This feature eliminates transcription errors and staff laziness in filling out required fields that causes delinquent accounts and collection issues.

Integrated System

Once a membership is purchased, all contract data is automatically integrated with Insight’s payment processing and member management systems. This eliminates the probability of losing these sensitive documents or your staff failing to enter it later!


Insight customizes both the sales presentation and member contracts with your business logos for you. But you control your sales presentation by customizing your own member packages, costs, fees, and any other services you offer!

Paperless Memberships!

See how you can modernize your gym sales and eliminate objections!

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