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Member Management

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Access System

Allow members to automatically gain access to your facilities using secure RFID technology

Insight allows members to automatically gain access to your facilities using secure RFID technology. Unlike some of the bar code keycards other companies may provide which are easily defeated by a simple copy machine, RFID technology is more secure and not easily copied.

Additonal Features

Barcode Integration

By far the most popular membership card technology is the trusty barcode. Our software works with any barcode key tags and any barcode scanner that provides keyboard wedge emulation.

Member Pictures

An added bonus of using Insight! This feature shows your club manager the picture of the person who scanned a key and then a side-by-side comparison to member’s picture of the key scanned.

Account Overview

A comprehensive overview of all your members

Insight provides a comprehensive overview of all your members, their current account statuses, access records, and more. Easily add new members to your facility. With just a few clicks you can assign a new member one or more key cards, take their pictures, and enter their access restrictions.

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Retention Tools

See members that are at risk of cancelling their membership

Insight tracks all your members’ activity within your club. The retention tool is designed to alert you of which members are at risk of cancelling their membership, which members are likely to renew their personal training sessions, and which members’ accounts may need some personalized attention. It also automates daily tasks to your staff to make member birthday calls, courtesy past-due calls, and any other customized contact references your club utilizes.

Tanning Beds

Give your business 24 hour tanning capabilities

Insight gives you 24 hour tanning capabilities. This feature adds revenue to your business by charging members for use of your tanning beds 24 hours a day! It gives you the confidence in knowing that only allowed members who are current on their payments have access to your services. A second key feature is that you can add fingerprint recognition to your tanning bed access giving you an even greater peace of mind.