Lawrence Fagan

My Story

Back in 2008 I was approached by some friends who wanted to start a new 24-hour access gym. Specifically, they wanted me to create the hardware and software required to run a 24-hour unattended gym. Being a computer engineer, this task was right up my alley and I happily accepted. . . I had no idea how complex good fitness center software was.

A little less than 6 months later, we had our first fully functional member management system for 24-hour gyms including hardware for the 24-hour door system which I dutifully designed and built from scratch (I didn’t know you could just buy the stuff off the shelf – oops). We’ve been iterating over the software ever since and now we have a great product!

Almost by chance, a business started to grow around the software and hardware that was created for that first gym. It turns out that other adventurous gym owners liked the software we were creating and wanted to use it for their new gyms. Starting in 2013 we made the decision to treat Insight like a business, and that meant that our first priority was to become profitable. Although you could register for Insight and use it as much as you wanted before 2013 there was no way to actually PAY for Insight – which, coincidentally, made it difficult for us to turn a profit.

After adding in the ability to pay for Insight an amazing thing happened – nobody actually paid us. Weeks after putting the finishing touches on the code that would allow people to punch in their credit card numbers and transfer money from their account to ours, nobody had actually done it! Depressing would have been an understatement at that point. When you invest years of your life into building a product and nobody is willing to pay you for it, it’s downright painful.

Here’s where I skip over the most important part of the story: slogging through muck and mire of product-market fit, experimenting with landing pages, chasing down every person who registered for the free version of the software, refining pricing pages, begging for credit cards, and a minor miracle or two...

We’re now happily profitable and growing rapidly. In December 2013 we hit our 1,000th customer mark and by the middle of 2014 we had already signed up our 2,000th customer. Today we have a different set of challenges. No longer are we struggling to get customers, now we’re striving every day to deliver the multitude of features that our customers ask of us and to simplify every aspect of the software that can be simplified. Although we’ve grown our team a little bit, we’re still a small family company and we still value every single customer that we have.

When you become an Insight customer, me or one of our support staff will give you my personal cell phone number and I do answer when you call (yes, even at 3 a.m. sometimes). If that’s the kind of company you’re looking for then you’re going to love doing business with us.

Lawrence Fagan

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Come join the Insight family, our goal is to justify our cost by making you money! I’ve put my heart and soul into this software and I want you and your business to benefit just like I have.