Navigating Insight


Your Insight navigation bar (at the top of each screen) will always show the number of to-do items that need your attention. The blue 16 next to Tasks in the picture below indicates that there are 16 items that need your attention. If you take a look at the image below you’ll see that tasks are common member interactions such as: Delinquent account phone calls Happy birthday phone calls Expiring credit card phone calls Send accounts to collections In addition to phon ... (more)

Getting Around

Every screen in Insight has a navigation bar at the top. You will use the navigation bar to get to any part of the program with one click! Here I’ll show you how to use the navigation bar and what it all means. First things first, the navigation bar is broken up into three parts: general links, location actions, and user actions. The picture below shows you which part is where: Under the general links section of the navigation bar, you will find sales, accounts, training, and tasks. I ... (more)

How to Navigate Insight

We’re diligently working on documenting the features of Insight so please bear with us while we screen capture, crop, edit, and write until our fingers bleed! Eventually, you will be able to find a comprehensive listing of major Insight features to the right. As you navigate to a major feature (such as new member entry) you will be able to further navigate to more specific topics (such as, how to add a short term paid in full member). When you first sign into the program, you will see one ... (more)

Auto Renewal of Term Accounts

If you would like your term and prepaid accounts to automatically convert into open ended (paying monthly, weekly, annually) accounts at the end of their term all you have to do is select the Auto renew option. Start by pulling up the account that you would like to automatically convert into an open ended account and then click on the Edit button. From the edit account screen you will see the Auto renew check box. If you check that box, the option to specify a Renewal amount will appear. The R ... (more)

Delinquency Rates

We define the delinquency rate as the number of your delinquent (past due) accounts divided by the total number of your recurring accounts (term and month-to-month) multiplied by 100. This gives you a quick and accurate way to determine if you are doing a good job at collecting membership dues. There are several reasons why a business might have a high delinquency rate. When the Target and Home Depot had the data on tens of millions of their customers’ credit cards stolen, we saw delinque ... (more)

Get a List of Phone Numbers

With Gym Insight it’s easy to get a comprehensive list of phone numbers: home phone, cell phone, and work phone. Often times this list is needed for a member calling campaign or for text message marketing. We have a report called New Members which is designed to list all phone numbers for a grouping of members who signed up within a specified time frame. You can, however, use that report to get a list of phone numbers for all of your current members by simply setting the report start date ... (more)

How Do I Add a Temporary Key

If your club is using our 24-hour access system you probably already know how to add a new key to a member’s account. However, what if you want to assign a key to someone who’s not a member? We call those temporary keys. A few examples of when you would want to use a temporary key rather than adding a member and assigning them a key are: Temporary worker: a painter who will be painting your club for the next week Temporary member: a person who only paid for two weeks at your club ... (more)

How Do I Print An Account Statement

If you need to print off an account statement for one of your members, follow these simple instructions. Start by searching for the members account:     Once you’ve found the correct account, scroll down to the Account Statement section of the account overview and then click on the view full account statement button:     Finally, once you’re on the account statement overview screen, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the print button: &nb ... (more)

How to Export Report Data

Whether you’re trying to export just a few pages of report data or a 100 page mega report, exports are quick and easy with Insight! Start by navigating to the report that you’d like to export. Click on the view report button next to the report that you’re interested in to run the report:     Next, click on one of the export buttons at the bottom of the report to start the export job.     After you start the report job, the current progress of the ex ... (more)

How to Get Signup Email Notices

Most of our clients are using our online membership signup feature to sell memberships right from their website. It’s a great feature and a great feeling having new memberships already sold for the day when you first log in to Insight! Whenever someone signs up online you and your users can receive an optional email notification telling you that you just got a new membership and which package the new member paid for. Start by clicking on the home icon and then selecting Users:   ... (more)

How to Tag Accounts

Creating and tagging accounts is a powerful and flexible way for you to segment your members into categories that make sense for your business. To create new tags, start by navigating to the settings page. Once on the settings page, click on the Tags tab:   Once on the tags menu, click on the new tab button at the bottom of the screen:   Enter a simple description for the new tag and then click the save button:   After you’ve created a new tag it will be availabl ... (more)

How to Uncancel a Member

It’s very common for a formerly cancelled member to want to reactivate their membership. Perhaps it’s a spouse that stopped using your facility for a while but now wants to rejoin. With Gym Insight, reactivating a formerly cancelled member is easy! Follow these simple steps: Start by searching for the cancelled member, be sure to check the box labelled Include cancelled: Next, scroll down to the Members section of the account overview screen and click the view button next to the ... (more)

How to Use Account Tags

Tags are a very powerful feature that give you the flexibility to segment your members into groups that make sense for your business. You can create a tag for anything that you’d like to keep track of in your business, for example: Silver & Fit memberships, executive memberships, promotional deals (such as Groupon or Living Socal), or anything else you can imagine that would make a good segment. For information on how to create tags, click on this link. Some of the reports specif ... (more)

Search and Find Your Members

With Insight, locating your members is a breeze! Because even a small location will have a few hundred members we’ve chosen the "search" first approach to finding members. If you would prefer to see a comprehensive listing of all your members simply do the following: Click on the location button (the button with the house icon) Click on Reports Click on Members to run the interactive member list and report For simplicity sake, you’ll generally know the name of the m ... (more)

Show Billing Activity

If you want to know which of your accounts was billed during a specific timeframe you can easily list that information by running our Billing Activity report. Start by navigating to the Reports menu: Once you’re on the reports menu, scroll down to the Billing Activity report and click on the view report button:   Finally, select the start date and the end date of the timeframe that you’re interested in and then click the update button: This report will show you all bil ... (more)

Update a Member’s Join Date

Until recently each of your member’s join dates were automatically set to the date that you first entered their account. Several of our clients have asked for the ability to be able to change the member’s join date and we listened! Here’s the step-by-step process for changing a member’s joining date. Start by searching for the member that you would like to update:   Once you’ve found the member to be updated, click scroll down to the Members section of the ... (more)

View and Print Member Visits

There are several programs which will reimburse members and employees for gym usage. It’s getting more and more common for insurance companies and even employers to financially compensate their insured and their employees for regular physical fitness! Typically with these types of reimbursement or compensation programs there will be a requirement for the member to turn in a list of times that they have used your facility. With Gym Insight creating a printout of member visits is easy! Star ... (more)