Configuring Insight to work with your Merchant Data Systems is extremely simple. Unlike other payment gateways, Merchant Data Systems’ gateway doesn’t use an API key, a signature, or any other special API credentials. Instead, you just use your Merchant Data Systems username and password.

merchant data systems login screen

If you are already receiving merchant services from Merchant Data Systems, you will likely have two accounts with them: one account for your merchant terminals and a second account for your payment gateway. You will need the username and password from your payment gateway account. Only enter your username and password if you are sure that it’s for your payment gateway account. If you do have multiple accounts with Merchant Data Systems and are unsure which is which, please contact them directly at 1 (800) 249-6377.

Click on the location button (house icon), then click settings. Once you're in the setting menu, click on the Gateway tab:

insight payment gateway configuration

Once you're on the payment gateway settings tab, click on the large new payment gateway button:

new merchant data systems payment gateway

Click on the new merchant data gateway button to start entering your Merchant Data Systems payment gateway credentials.

Both your API username and your password for your Merchant Data Systems payment gateway account have an exact corresponding box on the Insight payment gateway settings screen. Copy and paste your Merchant Data Systems API username and password into Insight and then click the update button:

merchant data systems gateway credentials

Once you've entered your Merchant Data Systems payment gateway API settings into Insight and clicked on the update button, you will see a confirmation screen.



Your member payments will automatically be processed every day against your Merchant Data Systems account. Now you can focus on running your business and let Insight worry about collecting payments from your members!

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