Your Insight navigation bar (at the top of each screen) will always show the number of to-do items that need your attention. The blue 16 next to Tasks in the picture below indicates that there are 16 items that need your attention. If you take a look at the image below you’ll see that tasks are common member interactions such as:

  • Delinquent account phone calls
  • Happy birthday phone calls
  • Expiring credit card phone calls
  • Send accounts to collections

In addition to phone calls, there are three tasks that we can complete for you:

  1. Sending new member welcome letters
  2. Sending delinquent account letters and collections letters
  3. Sending delinquent account emails

 task list

Once you click on the complete button next to a task, you will see the task details as well as the account holder information. You complete a task by logging the follow-up action that you took, such as: calling, mailing, or wishing happy birthday and entering a resolution, such as: paid in full, scheduled a follow-up call, or didn’t make contact.

In this way, you will have a comprehensive history of member and account contacts at your fingertips. When the inevitable member support situation arises, you will be able to show that member every instance and date that your business contacted them and what was said or what the outcome was. This feature is a powerful tool in keeping members happy and keeping payments flowing.

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