Although we don’t market Gym Insight as a full point of sale system we still provide basic retail sales functions including customized retail items. To get started adding your items for retail sale, click on your settings menu:

navigate to the settings menu


Next, click on the Items tab from within the settings menu:

click on the items tab


While on the items tab, you will see all of the items that you have already created for retail sale. To add a new item click on the new item button at the bottom of the screen:

click on the new item button


Fill out the basic details of the item:

new item form fields


The form fields are:

1) The name of the item that will show up in your sales screen drop down menus
2) The full description of the item
3) The type of item
4) The per item cost

Here’s an example of the item form completed:

a completed item form


When you’ve finished entering the item details click on the save button at the bottom of the screen.
Now that you’ve created a new item for retail sale it will show up in all of your sales drop down menus:

sales item in drop down menus


Creating custom items is easy and a great way to use Gym Insight to help track your sales and retail revenue!