Every screen in Insight has a navigation bar at the top. You will use the navigation bar to get to any part of the program with one click! Here I’ll show you how to use the navigation bar and what it all means. First things first, the navigation bar is broken up into three parts: general links, location actions, and user actions. The picture below shows you which part is where:

insight navigation bar

Under the general links section of the navigation bar, you will find sales, accounts, training, and tasks. It is important to note that depending on the type of user that you’re logged into the program as, you may not see all four links. Owners and managers will see all four general links. Personal trainers will only see the sales and training links.

The sales link will take you to the sales summary page which shows all the sales and cancelations for the day
The accounts link will take you to the account search page where you can easily find your members
The training link will take you to the personal training client and session list
Finally, the tasks link will take you to all tasks that are pending and need attention. If you’ll notice the number next to the tasks link, that number represents how many tasks need your attention

 location menu

Access the location actions menu by clicking on the location button (see the image above). The location actions menu offers the following options:

View and edit the settings for your currently selected location
View, enable, and disable any applications that you have authorized to access your data
View, create, and edit users who are authorized to access your data (owners, managers, employees, and personal trainers)
Manage your commission groups. Insight has an extremely configurable commission system built in. With the groups feature, you can define commission rules and user groups and then add your users to a corresponding payroll/commission group
View and run any number of available reports for your location
Location sales and training overview dashboard. This colorful dashboard shows a quick snapshot of your current location including: progress against daily and monthly sales goals, salesperson effectiveness, daily sales numbers, statistics, and personal training sessions and liability
Change your current location (if you have multiple locations). You can also access the change current location screen by simply clicking on the large location button

 user menu

Similar to the location actions menu, you access the user actions menu by clicking on the user button (see the image above). The user actions menu offers the following options:

As mentioned above, Insight has a comprehensive and flexible built-in commission calculating system. Clicking on this link will take you to your commission sheet. Furthermore, if you are logged in as an owner, you will be able to view the commission sheets of all registered users
Your profile
This link will take you to the user settings screen where you can do things such as change your password and update your various account settings
Log out
Clicking this link will immediately log you out of the program and redirect you back to the login screen