Until recently each of your member’s join dates were automatically set to the date that you first entered their account. Several of our clients have asked for the ability to be able to change the member’s join date and we listened!

Here’s the step-by-step process for changing a member’s joining date. Start by searching for the member that you would like to update:

search for a member


Once you’ve found the member to be updated, click scroll down to the Members section of the account and click on the edit button next to the member that you would like to update:

click the member edit button


Once you’re on the edit member screen, simply click into the Joined date box, when you do a date picker will appear that will allow you to either pick a new joining date or manually type the joining date into the box. When you’re finished simply click on the update button and the member’s new joining date will be set!


enter a new joining date