With Insight you can sell memberships right from your website 24/7 365 days per year! Configuring website membership options is easy and doesn’t require any sort of programming or website developer expertise. Start by navigating to your location settings:


settings menu


Next click on the Memberships tab in the settings menu:


memberships tab


On the membership settings page there are 3 important areas that deserve your attention.

The first area (#1) is your Assumption of Risk and legal section. Each membership that is sold on your website will have to agree to the legal terms that you add to this section before they can buy. Needless to say, you need to paste the language given to you by a qualified attorney in your locale.

The next marker (#2) is the button that you click on once you’ve made any changes or pasted your legal language into the box. When you click on this button the language will now show up on your membership website and every customer will have to agree to the terms before continuing.

The third marker (#3) is the button that you click on to add a new membership option to your membership website. Please be sure to complete the legal section (#1) and update the terms by clicking on the button (#2) before continuing to this step.


memberships screen


The new membership screen has several important fields for you to consider:

1.)    The title of the membership that will show up on your membership website. Use this to spark interest by making a compelling offer or adding a time constraint (such as “Expires on Friday!”).

2.)    The full description of the membership. Be sure to list all the benefits and limitations of this particular membership. Once you’ve sparked interest with a good title, use the membership description to drive the customer toward the purchase.

3.)    The type of membership: contract, pre-paid, or month-to-month.

  1. Contract: represents a membership for a specific duration of time (example: 1 year)
  2. Pre-paid: represents a membership for a specific duration of time which the customer will pay for in advance (example: $350 for 1 year)
  3. Month-to-month: represents an at will membership that is automatically renewed each month until the member cancels the memberships (example: $20 per month until cancelled)

4.)    If the membership type is contract or pre-paid, this is the length of the membership (example: 12 months)

5.)    This is the price depending on the membership type selected in #3:

  1. Contract: this amount represents what the customer will pay each month for this membership until the end of the contract (example: $20 for each month until the contract expires)
  2. Pre-paid: this amount is the total amount owed in advance for the membership (example: $350 for 12 months of membership which will be paid up front)
  3. Month-to-month: this amount represents what the customer will pay each month for this membership until it is cancelled by the customer (example: $20 for each month until the membership is cancelled by the customer)

6.)    If you charge taxes or any signup fees, enter them here. If you charge multiple signup fees then enter the total of all fees and taxes here. We do not provide a way to itemize all taxes and fees because website signups need to be as simple and streamlined as possible. If you would like to itemize the taxes and fees to the member, you can do that when the new member comes in to pick up their membership card or key.


new membership


Here’s an example of a month-to-month membership where the customer will pay $19.99 per month until they cancel. The customer will owe a total of $19.99 plus $7.99 for taxes (or fees) upon signup.

new membership example


After you save the new membership, you will see it on the membership screen. You will now need to add one of two possible links to your website in order to start selling memberships online. If you don’t know how to do this, don’t worry, it’s very easy for any website designer to do. Simply give the links to whomever created your website and you’ll be selling memberships online within minutes!

your membership website urls


You can pick one of two possible links:

1.)    This is a link directly to your membership website, this link will show all memberships that you have created and allow the user to select which membership they would like (see below). Most of our clients use this link and simply add a button to their website that says something like Register Now! That links to the URL provided in #1.

membership website view

2.)    This is a link directly to the membership you just created. Use this link if you want to customize the sales presentation on your website and only direct the customer to our secure portal when they’re ready to buy.

specific membership selection

Finally, you can see what each of the two link options looks like by clicking on the link (#1 or #2). When you click on the respective links a new browser window will open so that you can preview your work without interrupting your progress.

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