Most of our clients are using our online membership signup feature to sell memberships right from their website. It’s a great feature and a great feeling having new memberships already sold for the day when you first log in to Insight! Whenever someone signs up online you and your users can receive an optional email notification telling you that you just got a new membership and which package the new member paid for.

Start by clicking on the home icon and then selecting Users:

select the users menu


Next, click on the edit button next to any of your users:

edit the desired user


And finally, while editing a user, select the Notification email checkbox and then click the update button:

click on the email notifications checkbox


Repeat this process for all of your users that you want to receive email notices whenever a new member signs up online! If you have an older account with us, the signup notices used to be turned on by default and you can use this same process to turn those notices off.