There are several programs which will reimburse members and employees for gym usage. It’s getting more and more common for insurance companies and even employers to financially compensate their insured and their employees for regular physical fitness! Typically with these types of reimbursement or compensation programs there will be a requirement for the member to turn in a list of times that they have used your facility. With Gym Insight creating a printout of member visits is easy!

Start by searching for the member by name:

search for a member by name

Once you’ve found the account belonging to the member that you want to generate a list of visits for then scroll down to the members section of the account view and click on the view button next to the desired member:

view the member

Once you’re viewing the member you will see the member’s details along with a listing of their recent visits. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the view history button:

click the view history button


Once you’re on the visit history page by default the last 30-days of member visits are shown. Use the start date and end date boxes to select the date range that the member is requesting and then click the update button:

select a date range


Once you’ve selected the correct start and end dates and you’ve updated the view you can print the results. To print the list of visits simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the print this page button. Once you click the print button a new browser window will open and the print dialog for your operating system or device will be shown to complete the print job.

print the member visits

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