It’s very common for a formerly cancelled member to want to reactivate their membership. Perhaps it’s a spouse that stopped using your facility for a while but now wants to rejoin. With Gym Insight, reactivating a formerly cancelled member is easy! Follow these simple steps:

Start by searching for the cancelled member, be sure to check the box labelled Include cancelled:

search for the cancelled member

Next, scroll down to the Members section of the account overview screen and click the view button next to the member that you would like to reactivate:

view the cancelled member

While viewing the formerly cancelled member, locate the uncancel member button at the bottom of the screen and click on it:

click on the uncancel member button

You will be shown a confirmation screen informing you that once you reactive the formerly cancelled member that you should also issue the member a new key:

click the reactivate button

Finally, you will be given a confirmation that the member has been reactivated. Simply issue or re-issue a membership key card or ID card and you’re done! If by reactivating the member the payment amount for the account changes, be sure to edit the account and update the payment amount to match the new rate.

member reactivated confirmation