Boehm Ballet Academy of Dance

The Boehm Ballet Academy of Dance offers a comprehensive education for the development of the dancer, under the guidance of expert instructors, who have a background of wide professional experience.

The ballet technique taught at the Boehm Ballet Academy of Dance is based on the outstanding elements of the Russian, Italian and French schools, all stem from the five absolute positions of the feet which oblige the dancer to turn the legs outward from the hip, greatly increasing the mobility and extension, and from definite positions of the arms, torso and head. Like the alphabet, every movement is learned separately, then woven into combinations of movements and finally into the choreographic poems we call ballets. This system forms the basis for all the courses given at the school.

All students in all divisions are carefully places according to age and ability to insure maximum progress. Much emphasis is placed on individual corrections.



3412 Buchanan St
Wichita Falls, TX 76308-1825
Phone: (940) 322-5538