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We’re diligently working on documenting the features of Insight so please bear with us while we screen capture, crop, edit, and write until our fingers bleed! Eventually, you will be able to find a comprehensive listing of major Insight features to the right. As you navigate to a major feature (such as new member entry) you will be able to further navigate to more specific topics (such as, how to add a short term paid in full member).

When you first sign into the program, you will see one of three screens depending on which type of user you’re logged in as. There are three primary user types: owner, manager, and personal trainer. The first screen below is the sales summary screen, it shows all of the sales for the day and it’s the first screen you would see if you log in as an owner:

insight sales screen

Next, if you are log into the program as a manager, the very first screen that you will see is the member search screen. From this screen, finding any of your members is a snap. You can simply type in an account number, first name, last name, social security number, phone number, or key number. Additionally, you can type in a partial match for any one of the search fields: for example, rather than typing Blaszczykowski in the last name search field, you can simply type ‘Bla’ and you will find all members whose last names start with the letters BLA.

insight member search screen

And last, but certainly not least, if you log into the program as a personal trainer, the first thing you will see is a list of your clients. Please note both owners and managers will see a comprehensive list of all active personal training clients when they visit the personal training client page. However, if you are not an owner or manager, you will only see personal training clients assigned to you and personal training clients who have not been assigned to any trainer:

insight personal training client list

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